Mr. JAM (dinglehopper) wrote in jebus,

how tollerant and caring...

teh following post from mountain_hiker really did not sit well in my mind, and i'd like everyone to take a sneak peak at this...

btw - mountain_hiker tend to have a lot of really good posts on this sort of thing, as well as politically oriented material as well.


Aaaaaand from our lovely friends at Westboro Baptist Church:

Doing their best to take the "human" out of "humanitarian".


my comment to people that believe that the tsunami that hit Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and the rest of the area...

"you should have been the victims of that tsunami."

i might also point out that the bible says to treat your enemy as your brother, to show compassion, and to love one another. this clearly goes against those ideals set forth in the bible.

fucking hypocrites.
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