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Thoughts on Jesus

  • I don't see Jesus as my lord and savior. That last bit maybe but definitely not the first. This was a guy that balked at any special treatment that people tried to show him. He was a teacher...not royalty.

  • When Jesus walked on the water, do you suppose his feet got wet? Were there ripples caused by each step?

  • Jesus lived a fair stretch of time and was executed. Then he rose from the dead, spooked a few people, and disappeared. What exactly happened to him after that? Did he go onto Heaven or is he wandering the world to this day as a well preserved zombie?

  • Why did they translate his name? Jesus isn't very Aramaic, the language spoken in his region & time. Scholars, I've checked, say his name was actually Yeshua. So, why is it everyone calls him other than his given name?

  • It'd be a shame if he died a virgin. I mean, with all the guy had to put up with in life it'd've been nice to know he got a little on the side.

  • Jesus was of the Hebrew faith and born Jewish. I've never quite gotten why those that follow his teachings aren't still Jewish...or at the very least Hebrew.

  • I can picture Jesus in torn jeans, blue baseball cap worn backwards, standard shirt with the sleeves rolled up, seated on the front steps of some major library, totally engrossed in a book on Eastern philosophies with no difficutly whatsoever.

  • Don't actually know if Jesus had any brothers or sisters. Don't know if he might not've had kids of his own. Don't even know if he has surviving blood relations to this day. However, wouldn't it be really cool if he did?

  • I don't buy into the whole Jesus being God thing because not only would that mean he got his own mother pregnant with himself but it would kind of lend itself to God suffering from multiple personality disorder.

  • Even though I put no stock in it, can't help but laugh at a notion from Red Dwarf: belive it was Rimmer who didn't believe in the reality of Jesus because any child who developed magical powers and not tried to join the circus was a ludicrous concept.

  • There's been a lot of controversy, in relatively recent decades, about the ethnicity of Jesus given the region of the world he lived in and how he is most often perceived to appear. While I think the message is more important than the man....I highly doubt he was caucasian.

  • I remember this little bit, I saw in a movie, how Jesus first came as a lamb but he shall return as a lion. This tends to give me a hybridized mental vision of him and Rambo.

  • As messed up as the world is today, if Jesus actually did come back it wouldn't be long before he was put away into some federal lockup.

  • I'd like to think he'd be just as disgusted with the production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" as I was.

  • I hate the crucification....and I don't mean the event itself. Going into a church and seeing a representation of him hanging there bloodied and broken, in obvious agony; its barbaric! I get the whole died for our sins bit but that doesn't mean we should have to see it anytime we goto worship. I'd much rather see him represented doing what he did in life rather than the slow and painful way he was brought down.

  • Given the types of folks Jesus hung out with before it occurs to me that the faithful might be in for a rude awakening. A guy that didn't choose to live in the lap of luxury before is unlikely to start now.

  • Similar to the last one, Jesus came up in the Hebrew faith but was largely rejected by its religious leaders. I'd be very much surprised if the same thing didn't happen again should he return and interact with the leaders of the Christian faith.

  • There are many who believe Jesus will return someday but how is he supposed to be recognized? It's not like there's a wholly accurate description of the guy or listing of identifying marks; can't exactly check his dental records. For all anyone knows he may've already come and gone.

  • Reincarnation not being an exact science, wouldn't it be interesting if Jesus returned as a woman?
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