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this may get a tad ridiculous...'s my way. Just accept it.

7:15 PM 2/26/07 · If you caught my post from the other day, there's been a lot of recent buzz in the news regarding a documentary that will be on the Discovery channel this weekend about a tomb they believe to be that of Jesus of Nazareth. Shortly after I made this post someone said the existance of such a find refutes the ressurection.

That's just silly. I mean, okay, Jesus is executed and dies, gets buried, and then he wakes up and scares the crap out of some people as he makes his way...away. Now, unless he's still wandering around the planet somewhere it seems reasonable to assume that he eventually died again (hopefully of old age) and was buried.

The problem with this thought is that a lot of folks really stick to the whole bit of if it's not in the Bible it never happened. These are the types that believe the sacred tome word for word, which means the planet is much younger than it actually is, humans came into being more or less in the form we're in now, and evolution is a big no no. As you might take from the sarcastic tone I'm trying to get into the typing here, I don't buy that. There's a lot of things on the planet that is not mentioned in the Bible... the platypus...

...does anyone really need better proof that God has a sense of humor?

Sticking wth Jesus, largely going from memory as I don't have a Bible handy, there's lots of little things the good book doesn't really say but you kinda assume he did. When the book was being put together they really seemed to be striving for making him seem as divine as possible, which I largely attribute to why so many people that take the book literally have such an issue with the possibility of his having children. I think a Jesus that is more human, amazing abilities notwithstanding, is easier to identify with and that's a good thing.

  • Jesus is the supposed product of a virgin birth which is a little biological trickery that's not quite right. Back then virginity was determined by an intact hymen, which makes you wonder if anyone really cared if men were still virgins back then, and I'm totally cool with God impregnating her and they hymen remaining intact. However, it would've been ruptured with the birth so regardless of her being a virgin when she was pregnant she wasn't one when Jesus popped out into the world.

  • There doesn't seem to be much about Jesus while he was a baby so if you take the Bible literally presumedly he was born and was nearly immediately able to walk and talk. That's pretty damned impressive. However, I'd like to think he probably went through the whole mess of things that a normal child went through including stinky diapers, a tendency to belch andn be gassy, and putting strange things into his mouth; babies are weird.

  • Apparently without any schooling Jesus worked out how to read and interpret the Torah in a manner that no one had before. Then again, this may be blamed on a lack of a proper education but whatever the case...his education is not discussed in the Bible.

  • Jesus was apparently informed of what the path of his life would be as as he entered his teenage years and then no one seems to hear anything from him until he's a young man. Personally, someone told me that my dad wanted me to what he had a ahead of him and get killed for it I'd want to have a little vacation time in advance. Where did young men go to have fun back then? Fairly positive there was no equivilant to Disneyland back then...after all, it's not mentioned in the Bible.

  • A little more silly? Jesus ate food and drank both water and wine. There is no mention anywhere in the Bible of his ever going to the bathroom. In fact, I don't that there's any mention of anyone mentioned in the Bible going to the bathroom. Maybe they didn't do that sort of thing back then. Still, it seems likely they probably did.

Actually, I think I'll just stop there. I'm losing rant fuel...I've been sick lately.
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