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jebus's Journal

~ Kneel Before Zod!!! ~
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Welcome to our humble community, hosted by the almighty Jebus, second son of god. As you can tell, this is in no way, shape, or form, meant to be at all a serious thing.

"So what is this community meant to be used for?" you ask. Consider this a miniature version of the open forum that Livejournal is, to an extent, meant to be. If it was merely a place to keep a journal, everyone would keep their journal entries private and wouldn't share them with the world. In that similar vein, i have created this community. This community is meant for anyone, no matter what religion, ethnicity, gender, regional location...etc, to be able to come and discuss Life, The Universe, and Everything. It's meant to be a second home to those who, like myself, use their journal not only as a way to tell the outside world what is going on with our daily lives but also as a way to share our spiel/rant/personal philosophies on society/humanity/life/love/emotion/religion/politics/whatever. I welcome all people to come and join. I want to see users of all different backgrounds, beliefs, lifestyles, etc. coming together here to discuss their views.

To some group out there, we are all blasphemers. to the average bible thumper in middle america (probably right next door to me), I'm a blasphemous young man. To the islamic worshipper in the middle east, most americans, in their quest for wealth rather than being selfless, are blasphemers. To the satanist, anyone who looks outwardly for guidance rather than accepting that they are their own "god" of sorts is a blasphemer. Everyone is a blasphemer. and hence, I welcome everyone.

I welcome all of you, christian, jew, satanist, buddhist, atheist, agnostic, democrat, republican, goth, preppie, yuppie, skater punks, gay, straight, bisexual, lost or found, young, old....it doesn't matter. Here only words, thoughts, ideas matter. Leave behind your categories and bring forth your minds...